Rope Access

“Rope access” is a term used to describe a method of accessing remote and exposed points on a structure (tower, building, oil rig etc.), in order to carry out some form of work (painting, cleaning, inspection, installation, repair etc.), using equipment and rope techniques derived from mountaineering.

Rope Access offers considerable benefits to a wide range of operations, some of which include :

  • greater flexibility than moving platform methods
  • ability to access “hard to get to places” safely.
  • inexpensive
  • the cost of equipment is a fraction of the cost of scaffolding and it can be set up and removed very quickly; minimising the number of man hours required in a job
  • very safe, and very maneuverable
  • employees are able to get on with the job without worrying about their safety. This contributes to greater speed, efficiency and employee morale.