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Vertical Lifeline Solutions-Fall Protec

securope vertical lifeline solution

The Problem:

Did you know? The second highest cause of injury in the workspace is due to slips, falls, and trips. For this reason, it is in the interest of every business to prevent the possibility of these happening. There are over 500 000 injuries related to ladders every year. Therefore, we can deduce that we need to pay special attention to the prevention of slips, falls, and trips when dealing with ladders. So the question is what are the best steps to take to ensure safety on ladders? What are the best ladder safety solutions?

fall protec securope description imageSolution #1: SecuRope Quickset


The Fallprotec SecuRope Quickset is a ladder lifeline that is designed to be set up as a permanent lifeline on your existing permanent ladders. The lifeline consists of a tensioned, vertical cable with an autostop glider that the user clips onto his/her harness. The autostop glider runs freely when ascending or descending but it locks out instantly in the case of a fall. One has the option to either build the shock-absorbing device into the SecuRope Quickset lifeline or on the individual gliders depending on the specific situation. 

This option is ideal for quickly upgrading your current ladders.

EN353-1:2014 | PPE Regulation 2016/425

Click Here for PDF: Securope Quickset Dossier

fall protec Securail description image

Solution #2: SecuRail


The Fallprotec SecuRail is a combined ladder and lifeline. It can also be added to an existing permanent ladder. The SecuRail vertical lifeline can be used as a replacement for an old system or to be built onto a new building. Instead of relying on a tensioned cable, the SecuRail consists of an aluminum rail that the user clips onto. The rail requires each user to have their own shock absorber glider. This allows for more than one person at a time on the system. The locking device is incredibly efficient and allows the user to climb and descend freely without any hindrance from the rail. For a more discrete look the SecurRail rungs can be built to fold into the rail this is called the Mast Ladder.

This option is perfect for replacing old ladders, for adding to existing ladders, or for building on new towers, masts, or buildings.

EN353-1:2014 | PPE Regulation 2016/425

Click Here for PDF: SecuRail 

Click Here for PDF: SecuRail Mastladder

The great thing about investing in an advanced, high-quality vertical lifeline system is that part of the package is peace of mind. We believe in supplying the best quality equipment that is available. We share this belief with Fallprotec and highly recommend their systems. Fallprotec’s vertical lifelines negate the chance of a critical fall when ascending or descending a ladder is used correctly. The Fallprotec vertical lifeline systems are designed with a number of attachment methods to be used on cat ladders, telecom towers, masts, antennae, pylons, wind turbines, wine cellars, roof access ladders, silos, and buildings.

To find out more about these great systems, have a look at these clips from one of our installation partners Gravity Gear:



For a better understanding of how the SecuRope Quickset works see Fallprotec’s SecuRope Quckset setup video:

Also, see Fallprotec’s SecuRail video:


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