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Safedown Autobelay devices require annual inspection and servicing by a trained and certified technician.
Our qualified technicians offer quick workshop turnaround and on-site servicing options so you don’t have to be without your devices for long when it comes time for your annual service. ​


Permanent lifelines and anchors must be inspected by a qualified person at least once a year, as well as after every fall. The safety of the users depends on the maintenance and effectiveness of the equipment.
VSS technicians are trained and certified to install, inspect, service and maintain Fallprotec systems. Records of every installation are kept up-to-date and you will be contacted when your system is due for inspection.

lifeline inspection services


Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be inspected on a daily basis by the user as well as every 3 months by an appointed competent equipment inspector and an annual inspection by a certified PPE inspector.
VSS offers personal protection equipment inspections according to local and international best practices in accordance with council directive 89/686/EEC, EN365 and manufacturer recommendations. Our inspectors are experienced in the industry, have detailed knowledge of PPE and are certified by Singingrock to carry out PPE inspections.

PPE (personal protection equipment) Inspection services
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