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Rope Access

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“Rope access” is a term used to describe a method of accessing remote and exposed points on a structure (tower, building, oil rig, etc.) in order to carry out some form of work (painting, cleaning, inspection, installation, repair, etc.), using specialist equipment and rope techniques.

Fall Arrest

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“Fall Arrest” is the term used to describe a method of accessing remote and exposed points on a structure (tower, building, oil rig, etc.) using advanced height safety gear, in order to carry out some form of work (painting, cleaning, inspection, installation, repair, etc.), which does not involve abseiling on ropes. Common techniques include clipping up a latticework using double shock-absorbing lanyards and the use of permanent fall arrest systems such as Fallprotec Securope vertical and horizontal lifelines.


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Rescue activities are unique in many ways when speaking about working in height. First of all, it is an activity where a person’s life is in danger, thus the rescuer has to be capable of quick, accurate, and efficient work and of course keeping himself safe during his work. That is why rescue gear is carefully selected for the job.


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Working on towers can be very dangerous, whether cleaning windows or repairing antenna high-quality safety equipment is essential to the safety of the team. Find the perfect solution for you and your team to keep you safe high above the city.

Work Restraint

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Work restraint is the most basic industrial work at height category. Most work restraint equipment consists of an anchor, lanyard, and PPE. (Personal Protective Equipment)

Concert Rigging

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Stage and concert rigging involves the setup and breakdown of structures, lighting, audio, stunts, etc. It is often in a technical and time-pressured environment using fall arrest, rope access, and rope rigging techniques. The height safety gear involved is as advanced as the techniques involved.


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Arboriculture is the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. Specialist techniques and gear are used to safely climb and gain access to trees. Due to how unpredictable trees and natural growth can be, having the correct height safety equipment is essential.

Wind Turbine

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Wind turbines require regular maintenance and inspections. Technicians use fall arrest techniques and systems for internal work and rope access and height safety gear for external work.


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Telecommunication workers carry out work in many environments and commonly use fall arrest and rigging techniques for climbing poles, towers, and masts as well as lifting and rigging antennas. They make use of a wide range of height safety gear to do their jobs.

Power Utilities

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Power Utilities is a broad category that includes activities as diverse as overhead line work, pole climbing, and confined space entry. In addition to a diverse range of fall protection safety gear that is required, there are also differing needs for rescue and emergency equipment.


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Mines are very strict on H&S and require high-quality fall protection safety equipment in many areas. Quarries and mines tend to have differing requirements. Whereas mines may tend to be generally concerned with rescue, quarries may present both rescue and fall protection issues, for example during the placement of charges near an edge.


Military and Special Forces

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The Military and Special forces need equipment that will endure the toughest conditions imaginable. Products for the military and special forces are chosen based on colour, durability, and the recommendations of our brands. Some of the products such as the Fast Ropes are designed specifically with the military in mind. Whereas some of the other products like the Sit Worker harness have black variations ideal for military and special forces.

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