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Descending a rope with a rope friction device to control your speed. Normally a commercial abseil will involve spectacular views and scenery of nature, allowing you to experience places in a different way with a spike of adrenaline if you enjoy heights.

Adventure Park

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Activity filled parks with a variety of elements that usually involve climbing, ziplines, obstacles, swings and many more creative fun challenges for the whole family.


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Bungy jumping and bridge swinging involves jumping from a tall structure connected to an elastic cord. It is often a personal challenge for people which helps push boundaries and overcome fear.


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Exploring and moving through technical terrain in canyons/kloofs using various techniques including swimming, scrambling, rock hoping, jumping into water, bum slides and abseiling.

Climbing Walls

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Artificially constructed walls and grips with routes set for different levels of climbing. Climbing walls are used for training, competitions and fun activities. There are various techniques of protecting a climber on a wall including: tope rope, lead climbing, auto-belay devices and foam crash mats.

Ropes Course

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Ropes coursesĀ is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity which consists of a series of challenges and activities including low elements that take place on the ground or above the ground and high elements which are usually constructed in trees or made of utility poles and require a belay or anchor system for safety.


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Zip lining involves sliding down a cable or rope with a pulley and harness or handle to suspend from. A zip line can be setup to be fast or slow, long or short and can be in your back yard or on top of a mountain. There are many zip line tours which involve a series of zip lines between suspended platforms in a variety of spectacular scenic places.