Singing Rock Tandem Pulley


Double pulley for Tyrolean traverses and zip-lines with two stainless steel sheathes.

Instructions of use

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  • each sheave is equipped with a pair of sealed ball bearings for great durability
  • hard aluminium alloy body is black an odized and protects the sheaves from damage
  • large attachment point can accommodate up to three carabiners
  • second attachment point for back-up carabiner or tackle systems building
  • two sheaves prevent from twisting, thus providing smooth and more stable ride
  • intended mainly for moving on a zip wire (Tyrolean traverse)
  • suitable also for rescue, work and other acitivities at height
  • for use with static and dynamic ropes or with steel cables
  • unique serial number

Color: black
Weight: 290 g • 10.2 oz
Material: side plates – al. alloy, sheaves and axles – stainless steel, bearings – steel
Strength: 25 kN
Max. diameter of rope: textile rope 13 mm, steel cable 12 mm
Bearing: sealed ball bearings
Ratings: EN 12278

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