Singing Rock “V” Lanyard 100/100cm


Used for working at height, especially for self-protection when moving from one place to another.

General instructions for use

Universal instructions for use PPE

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  • tested according to EN 354 standard for lanyards
  • used for working at height, especially for self-protection when moving from one place to another
  • on the both ends of the rope stitched loops with reinforcement for placing carabiners are made
  • the middle loop is attached to the harness with carabiners and an energy-absorbing device
  • the seam is protected by shrinking sheet, which also protects the user against sharp edge of rope end
  • SINGING ROCK recommends to use carabiners with sling/rope fixation which doesn´t scroll in the loop and is all the time ready for use
  • LANYARD “V” has to be used as a component of a fall arrest system
  • the lanyards have different color of the eyes according to their length

Color: white red eyes
Strength: 22 kN
Length: 100/100 cm •  40/40 in
Diameter: 10.5 mm

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