Singing Rock URNA Leg Rope Bag


The URNA leg rope bag is used for Abseiling in extreme conditions when you need to have the rope under the control at all times.


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  • for rappeling in the extreme conditions to have the rope under the control
  • can be also used as a tool bag when working at the heights
  • easy to put on the user´s leg and the harnesses with the plastic buckle made of high quality material
  • suitable for max. length of the rope 40 m of the diameter 11.0 mm
  • inside loop to tie the end of the rope
  • easy closing system allows to feed the rope slowly
  • the bag can be completely closed to avoid loosing the tools
  • side pocket for small items or for the notebook


Color black
Weight 240 g • 8.5 oz
Capacity 11 litres
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