Singing Rock Pilot 3/4″ Removable Anchor


Removable anchor developed both for fall protection and multi-use.

General instructions of use

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  • tested to meet ANSI Z359.1 and EN 795
  • safe, lightweight, and surprisingly simple to employ
  • easy to use – simply drill the proper size hole into your concrete or rock surface, blow the dust out with compressed air, and insert the unit
  • multi-directional attributes – anchor works in horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces
  • easily reusable, when your job is done, simply fill in the drilled hole if necessary
    and reuse at your new desired location
  • removable anchors can be used in construction and industrial fields, mining, and mountaineering as well

Diameter of a hole: 20 mm
Maximum load: 181 kg

Weight: 200 g
Size: 3/4″
Strength: 22 kN

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