Singing Rock Oxy Screw Gate


Hot-forged light-alloy oval carabiner designed to be used especially with pulleys, ascenders, and descenders.

Technical parameters

General instructions of use

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  • screw gate locking
  • rough notches on the locking sleeve for easy manipulation
  • angled snag free Keylock nose for smooth clipping and unclipping
  • hot-forged I-beam construction makes the carabiner extremely strong, stiff and light
  • almost oval shape makes the carabiner easy to turn around in device´s attachment points, anchors or slings
  • thanks to the oval shape, pulleys attached are loaded symmetrically
  • large rope bearing area for better rope glide and reduced wear of the carabiner
  • each carabiner is individually tested for a strength of 10 kN
  • unique production number

Weight:  74g
Material:  Light Alloy (Anodized)
Strength Major Axis:  26kN
Strength Minor Axis:  8kN
Strength Open Gate:  7kN
Gate Opening (d):  21mm


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