Fall Protec Securail vertical


Vertical rail systems to be fitted to ladders, pylons, building, etc


The Fallprotec SecuRail rigid anchor line is permanently installed on a ladder or other structure to protect people from falling when they get access at height above 3 m.

The Fallprotec SecuRail Specifications:

  • An aluminium rail fixed with brackets to the structure.
  • All the components of the Securail Vertical are manufactured from stainless steel and anodised aluminium, which has a great resistance to atmospheric degradation.
  • One user may be connected to the SecuRail with a guided type fall arrester or trolley, called VIA4 (ref RHF014), which rolls on the rail.
  • The trolley is fitted with a textile energy absorber which has a lifespan of 5 years. After 5 years the trolley will be returned to Fallprotec for renewal of the energy absorber.
  • The user attaches himself on the VIA4 via a connector fixed on an energy absorber integrated to the trolley.
  • The energy absorber is in accordance with EN355.
  • The rigid anchor line SecuRail allows vertical movement of a user where there is a risk of falling more than 3 meters without the need for the user to disconnect himself from the rail at any time.
  • The user wears a harness to EN 361 fitted with a connector according to EN 362 and attaches to the system via a trolley VIA4 that moves along the rail.



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