Fall Protec Securail horizontal


The Securail comprises a rail fixed to the structure of the building on which one or several trolleys can move. After a fall


The SecuRail Lifeline System is permanently installed on a building or other structure which needs to be maintained by personnel exposed to the risk of fall when carry out their maintenance work.  It consists of a aluminium rail fixed with brackets to the structure of the building. One or several users are connected to the rail with a mobile anchor point or trolley, one per user, which rolls along the rail.

The anchoring device Securail has been tested and approved by Apave according to standard EN 795 class D, certificat number 2716318 dated April 10th, 2007.

The main specifications are :

  • Number of users 2 between two adjacent brackets.
  • Distance between two brackets 3m and 5 m with strengthening
  • Tested in curves 90°.
  • Replacement of the rail section which was subjected to a fall.
  • Roof, wall or ceiling configuration.
  • Rigging on call deck, hot deck and standing seam roof.

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