Safedown Autobelay


The Safedown Auto Belay has been developed specifically to provide controlled descent for the leisure & climbing markets.

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  • The lightest belay of its kind weighing just 12 kgs, this stylish and innovative safety device can be attached to the top of your climbing wall, highropes course or mobile climbing wall with ease and little effort.
  • Tested for climbers from 10kg to 150kg, the Safedown is suitable for the widest range of users of any device available.
  • The Dyneema core ropes with DMM triple action safety karabiners, can be changed on site by your own members of staff, eliminating the need for a site engineer visit or removing and sending the device away.
  • With annual servicing and low wearing component parts, cost of ownership is extremely economical. Our onsite servicing facility will reduce further, your downtime enabling you to get your belays back in use straight away. ​
  • The Safedown is designed and built in the UK. Every machined part of the Safedown comes from the manufacturing base in North Wales. Generic components such as bearings are sourced locally, too. The final assembly and testing takes place in the workshop in North West England.
  • In accordance with the IFSC standards for speed climbing devices, the Safedown exerts no pulling force on the climber.

Rope Lengths:  6m/8m/10m/12m

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