Anthron Lory SMART


The Lory Smart is a multipurpose safety Auto-braking belay device & descender for use in sport climbing applications.

SKU: PB00.5


The Lory is a new multi-functional rope control device which provides a one stop solution to many challenges when working at height. It is suitable for use when :

  • Work positioning and work restraint
  • Abseiling
  • Lowering
  • Belaying
  • Ascending
  • Hauling
  • Releasable pulley systems
  • Rated for a two person load

The functionality includes the following :

  • Handles a much wider range of rope diameters than other similar device – from 9mm to 11.4mm – thereby providing versatility allowing one to use the right rope for the job
  • If the release handle is pulled too hard the unit locks; making it almost impossible to drop someone while lowering them. The unit only lowers if the handle is kept in a mid range position – which also makes abseiling much safer.
  • The cam can be pushed into a “locked” position at any stage, which enables the user to easily lock it in position for work positioning or work restraint purposes.
  • Cam rotation impediment aids in feeding rope to the lead climber.
  • By pulling the handle the cam gradually releases the rope.
  • By pulling the working end of the rope the cam engages and jams the rope.
  • If the handle is pulled down to its terminal position the double-stop function is triggered which blocks the rope again.
  • To resume descending, return the handle in closed position and restart the process.
  • The unit can be pre-loaded & then locked with a maillon – which makes it very suitable for inclusion in emergency evacuation kits – especially when the user is not that familiar with abseiling.
  • For the industrial/ rescue operative, its certainly easier to use & more secure than a many popular alternatives out there – and lighter & more compact.
  • The unit is approximately the same size as a PDA (large cell phone) and is made largely of steel (handle included) which serves to enhance its durability.




  • Minimum Rated Load: 30 kg
  • Maximum Rated Load is 180 kg
  • Maximum Descent Distance:  190 m
  • Single-person use: (59 kg to 141 kg)
  • Maximum Descent Rate: 2 m/s ≈ 6.6 ft/s
  • Maximum number of descents: 28

It meets the following European safety norms :

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