Anthron Lory SAFE


The Lory Safe is a safety auto-locking descender for use in industrial access – work positioning, fall arrest and rope access.

Its functionality spans the range from rope access and rescue descender device through semi-automatic belay device to rope positioning, retention device for use on rooftops and edges, temporary anchor device and as fall arrest on flexible guideline.

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The Lory Quick-lock is a new; multifunctional rope control device which  provides a one stop solution to many challenges when working at height. The quick-lock differs to the normal lory in that it does not have the locking ball cam, this makes the device more suited to rope access and work positioning as the device locks immediately when any weight is put on the device.

The lory Quick-lock can be used for:

  • Work positioning and work restraint
  • Abseiling
  • Lowering
  • Ascending
  • Hauling
  • Releasable pulley systems
  • Rated for a two person load

The functionality includes the following :

  • Handles a much wider range of rope diameters than other similar device – from 9mm – 11.4mm – thereby providing versatility allowing one to use the right rope for the job.
  • If the release handle is pulled too hard the unit locks; making it almost impossible to drop someone while lowering them.
  • The unit only lowers if the handle is kept in a mid range position – which also makes abseiling much safer.
  • Cam rotation impediment aids in feeding rope to the lead climber.
  • By pulling the working end of the rope the cam engages and jams the rope.
  • If the handle is pulled down to its terminal position the double-stop function is triggered which blocks the rope again.
  • To resume descending, return the handle in closed position and restart the process.
  • The unit can be pre-loaded & then locked with a maillon – which makes it very suitable for inclusion in emergency evacuation kits – especially when the user is not that familiar with abseiling.
  • For the industrial/ rescue operative, its certainly easier to use & more secure than a many popular alternatives out there – and lighter & more compact.
  • The unit is approximately the same size as a PDA (large cell phone) and is made largely of steel (handle included) which serves to enhance its durability.



  • Minimum Rated Load: 30 kg
  • Maximum Rated Load is 180 kg
  • Maximum Descent Distance:  190 m
  • Single-person use: (59 kg to 141 kg)
  • Maximum Descent Rate: 2 m/s ≈ 6.6 ft/s
  • Maximum number of descents: 28


It meets the following European safety norms :

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