Kong Ergo Wire Carabiner


Compact and lightweight carabiner, with a high tensile strength.

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The particular shape makes it suitable to be handled more easily by people with small hands, like women or children.
ERGO WIRE is part of the famous ERGO family and is designed specifically for those environments where the carabiner is subject to friction on the rope/cable, such as adventure parks or via ferrata.

In the upper part there is a lever that acts as safety against accidental opening of the carabiner: this lever is made of self-lubricating marine bronze and allows a better flow of the carabiner on the rope/cable. Often, in adventure parks, karabiners are especially very worn in the area of contact with the steel cable, and therefore no longer secure in case of a possible fall: with this protection the body of the carabiner is not touched and always therefore remains  intact and secure.
The wire gate also offers a lifetime of about 4 times higher than the traditional levers made of bar, very popular feature in adventure parks where the cycles of opening/closing reach very high levels.


Key Features:

  • Improved opening and capabilities thanks to the bent D-shaped
  • Slim profile for a small footprint
  • Double gate system for maximum safety
  • High quality product completely developed and manufactured in Italy
  • Tested piece by piece



Material:  Alu alloy
Main Axis Load:  27 kN
Minor Axis load:  7kN
Weight:  83g
Shape:  Asymmetric


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