Secur’em PN800 Tripod – 10Ft


Used for access in confined spaces, Karam PN 800 confined space entry tripods have a height of 10 feet and have a maximum load capacity of 500 kg.

Data Sheet


  • 10 feet (3000m) confined space entry tripods
  • One mounted pulley at the head of the tripod.  We can offer a Stainless Steel Single Pulley as an optional extra to mount to the head of the Tripod in the prolongation of the main leg for passing a cable.
  • Maximum load capacity of 500 kg
  • Two auxiliary eye bolts as attachment points
  • Aluminium alloy cast heads and aluminium legs
  • Steel-support shoes with rubber soles
  • Strength of anchorage point is greater than 23 kN
  • Inbuilt fixture for attaching the winches PN 801, PN 801(40), PN 817, PN 818, and PN 818 SR
  • Can be used with Retrieval Fall Arrester Blocks PCGS 10R, PCGS 20R & PCGS 30R
  • Conform to EN 795: 2012 Type B IS specifications


  • Easy access in confined spaces
  • High durability
  • Additional stability
  • Increased friction
  • Provided with tripod bag

Product Specifications:

  • Model:  PN800
  • IS Specification:  EN 795:2012 TYPE B
  • Wheelbase Footprint (Ø):  2.0m
  • Weight:  16.8kg
SS Single Pulley
SS Single Pulley
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