Maillon Rapide Delta Maillon 8mm


Delta shape: developed after the ever-increasing development of webbing-fitted systems; perfect for webbing uphold onto its lower flat part.


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  • Rod: custom-made steel used in surface processing, providing complete strength towards traction.
  • Nut: high safety steel (lead-free, systematic control carried out after drawing through Eddy currents and ultrasounds).
  • Surface processing made through electrolytic coating on the entire material (rod & nut)
  • Maillon Rapide quick links should be carefully checked at regular intervals. If you are in any doubt about the safety of a quick link after checking, replace it with a new one.
  • When fastened with a wrench up to the proper tightening torque, Maillon Rapide quick links are considered a permanent connector.
  • Maillon Rapide should always be fitted with parts made of same material.
  • When connected with chain, Maillon Rapide quick links should be of the same diameter.
  • Never connnect any Maillon Rapide quick links onto a lifting chain.
  • Stainless steel Maillon Rapide quick links may be used in salt water.


Zinc Plated Steel Delta 8mm Maillon
Weight:  88g
Working Load Limit: 550 kg
Breaking Load: 27.5kN / 2750 kg
P.P.E. – EN 362 & EN 12275 Standards

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