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Securope Vertical

The anchoring device Securope Vertical is permanently installed on a ladder or other structure to allow access to people who will be protected against the risk of falling. It allows vertical movement of a user who is connected to the cable all the way up. The user wears a harness conforms to EN 361 equipped with a connector according to EN 362 and attaches to the system via a mobile fall arrester that moves along the cable.

The SecuRope lifeline system incorporates one energy absorbing devices which limits structural loads to 6 KN in the event of a fall. This allows the system to be mounted on relatively fragile structures.

The anchoring device SecuRope Vertical consists of a vertical stainless steel wire rope attached to the structure by a top anchor, a bottom anchor and if required one or more intermediate anchors.

Two configurations are possible:

– The cable is fitted with an energy absorber and the fall arrester is without energy absorber.

– The fall arrester is fitted with a textile energy absorber and the cable is without energy absorber.

The main specifications are:

Number of users 2.
Distance between two anchors 12 m.
Each worker needs to be fitted with a full body harness; the workers connect themselves on the lifeline via a glider which can move along the line.

All the components of the Securope Vertical are manufactured from stainless steel, which have a great resistance to the atmospheric degradation. The operational life of the Securope lifeline is 20 years and 10 years for the ZIP fall arrester.

Vertical fall arrest Securope has been CE approved and meets the tests prescribed by standard BS EN 353-1:2002.

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