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SafeAccess Rail

The SafeAccess is an undeformable fall arrest rail system for industrial applications. Installed in overhead configuration, it is the most suitable system when the fall clearance is low. This rail can be used for petrochemical industries as it is ATEX certified for potentially explosive atmospheres. The aluminum rail is protected by a high-quality powder coated surface treatment that resists to a marine environment. The Flexbow is a standardized outrigger jib to secure loading bays and machinery. Equipped with an integrated energy absorber, it is a lightweight and yet robust design for industrial applications with a minimum fall clearance of 4m. As the lifeline can also be installed high over the user, it is suitable for vast production halls, buildings and applications as aircraft fall protection systems.

Up to 4 users
Up to 2 users when combined with Flexbow system
Span of 6m
ATEX certified
Aluminium 6060T6
Possibility to fold away the Flexbow and SafeAccess system when not in use
Possibility of custom-made solutions with the Fallprotec’s engineering department

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