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Locker used as a backup device

The locker is a versatile device designed for use as a Guided Fall arrester and a work positioning device. The locker has the relevant EN certification for fall arrest and work positioning which are EN 353 and EN 358 respectively.

The locker can also be used as a backup device for rope access.  The recommended use of the locker as a backup device is with a short 20cm sling (Singing Rock locker sling) attached to the sternal attachment point on the harness.

Benefits of using the locker in this method include:

  • more free space on your waist D-ring
  • short sling limits distance locker can move below the user
  • can be slung over shoulder while ascending
  • short accessory cord can be used to pull locker in tow while descending
  • no shock absorber required

Below are some videos demonstrating the locker being used as a backup device:

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