Quarries and mines tend to have differing requirements. Whereas mines may tend to be generally concerned with rescue, quarries may present both rescue and fall protection issues, for example during the placement of charges near an edge.

Quarries may also contain processing plant which may require emergency equipment to be kept on site.
Fall prevention is very much a desirable goal in quarry environments, because of the difficulty in accessing the edge to recover a fallen person.

Adjustable positioning lanyards may be used perpendicular to a face, or horizontal anchor lines may be used parallel to a face at a suitable distance from the edge.

The following are examples of product used in this industry:

  • Mini-block – 2m
  • Restraint lanyard 1.5m, rope, karabiner
  • Tool bag, 3 litre
  • Sling, nylon, 25 mm x 60 cm
  • Sling, steel, 7mm x 2 m
  • Fall arrest block – 15 m retractable
  • Rescue stretcher
  • Roof safety adjustable anchor line
  • Large tackle bag
  • Sling, nylon, protected
  • Rescue Kit
  • Fall Arrest Kit