Fall Arrest Applications

fall-arrest“Fall Arrest” is the term used to describe a method of accessing remote and exposed points on a structure (tower, building, oil rig etc.), in order to carry out some form of work (painting, cleaning, inspection, installation, repair etc.), which does not involve abseiling on ropes. Common techniques include clipping up a lattice work using shock absorbing lanyards & pylon hooks and the use of fall arrest systems such as Zoi & Latchway.

SAIRAA is still in the process of compiling a national training standard for Fall Arrest but training typically involves 2 or three days depending on the level of complexity being training.

Fall Arrest Technology & Application in the South African Market

Rope access technology has been in operation in SA since the late 1980’s, often in a rather rudimentary form, with very little safety back up. In recent years, however, major advances have been made towards adopting a system very similar to the IRATA standard. A group called the South African Industrial Rope Access Association (SAIRAA) has been formed, and has been working with the Department of Manpower, and the SABS to establish standards for training, assessment and operation within this industry. Under this system trainees who successfully complete a course and assessment, are issued a SAIRAA qualification. However there is currently no legislation in place to force rope access technicians to gain any particular qualification. The only act that pertains to this work is the Occupation Health & Safety Act, which stipulates that an employer must provide proper training to ensure that an employee can operate in safety.

The following is a typical list of equipment that a rope access technician would require in order to do his work safely & adhere to the requirements of the rope access associations:

  • Singing Rock 2 HMS screw gate karabiner
  • min. 6 standard steel screw gate carabiners (e.g. Singing Rock Steel Oval)
  • 1 rope grab (e.g. Singing Rock Locker)
  • Rope Access equipment 1 rope descender (e.g. Anthron Lory/Singing Rock Indy)
  • 1 handled rope ascender (e.g. Singing Rock Lift ascenders)
  • 1 chest mounted rope ascender
  • 1 harness (eg. Singing Rock Sitworker or RL Profi)
  • 1 chest harness or securitape (if no chest portion is integrated in the harness) (e.g. Singing Rock Puller)
  • Rope Access helmet 1 helmet (e.g.BD Half Dome or Roc Industry)
  • 8m 11mm dynamic rope for lanyards (2.9m x 1 & 2.7 x 2)
  • 2 PVC equipment storage / haul bag
  • 2 11mm or 10.5mm BEAL static rope length varies according to application. Each worker needs two ropes
  • adjustable foot loop or aiders (eg. Singing Rock Jacob or Footer)
  • rope protectors
  • cable or sling anchor strops (e.g. Singing Rock double eye slings)

Conformite_Europenne_logo.svg* All personal protective equipment needs to carry the CE mark.