construction-2Construction and civil engineering present a diverse range of situations for work at height. It is possible that every technique or working method might be used on a single site e.g. restraint, work positioning, fall arrest etc.

The construction sector is the origin of the most fatal accidents resulting from falls. Equipment used in construction is often treated very badly – proper inspection regimes are important, together with procedures for immediate rescue.These are examples of products that may be used in this industry:

  • Sling, nylon, 25 mm x 120 cm, protected
  • Tool bag, 3 litre
  • Fall arrest block, 5m retractable
  • Footloop, 3 step etrier
  • Helmet for work at height
  • Heat shrink rope end marker
  • Steel, sling – 7mm x 1m
  • Restraint lanyard 1.5m, rope, karabiner
  • Chest harness