Arboriculture/tree work

tree-fellingArboriculture is a specialist activity using dedicated suspension equipment. The heightec Treehopper harness is an excellent technical climbing harness which was worn to win the 2004 World Tree Climbing Championship.

The following are examples of product used in Arboriculture:

  • Karabiner, alloy, D, screwgate
  • Rigging plate
  • Personal kit bag
  • Pole belt adjustable lanyard
  • Rope, low stretch static 11 mm
  • Screwlink, steel, pear, 10 mm
  • Pulley, stainless, single 5cm
  • Sling, steel, 7mm x 2 m
  • Karabiner, steel, oval, screwgate
  • Kit bag, 10 litre