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EN Standards for PPE an explanation


You may have noticed the EN Standards for PPE (see images below) listed with most products on our website.


PPE standards EN example EN PPE standards example 3Standards EN example 2

What are EN numbers?

Here in South Africa, we don’t yet have a full list of standards for PPE.  So, we use the European Standards (EN) or we adopt these standards as SABS standards.  Manufacturers have to send their equipment to an independent test center for the equipment to be tested and certified. This is to ensure that all PPE equipment that makes it to the market is safe and appropriate for the job. EN standards for PPE allow us to be completely confident in our equipment.

How do I know that the PPE has the correct EN standard for what I’ll be using it for?

Fortunately, Singing Rock has our back with this post on the definitions of the many different EN standards. https://www.singingrock.com/professional-standards


– Timothy Larsen

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