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Rope cleaning technique using Beal Brush

Beal Rope Brush – Rope Cleaning Technique

Bill Gates said you should hire a lazy person, because they always find the most efficient way of getting a task done. Add that concept to the ingenuity of South Africans and you sometimes get amazing results!

The guys at Skysite did just that when they had to clean all the ropes they use. Their rope cleaning technique involves using a pulley, 2x beal rope cleaners, some nikwax tech wash and some creative innovation they make cleaning their ropes look really easy, and not to mention fun

Here is what you need:

  1. Nikwax tech wash (available in 300ml, 1 L and 5L)
  2. 2x Beal rope brush cleaners
  3. a pulley with a carabiner (use your old broken one)
  4. a heavy weight
  5. a bucket with water and nikwax tech wash


  1. Soak your rope in a bucket of water with Nikwax tech wash overnight.
  2. Then connect the Beal rope brushes to the rope in the above configuration.
  3. Next attach the pulley to the weight and place in the bottom of the water bucket.
  4. Hold the weight down with your foot.
  5. Pull the rope through.
nikwak, beal rope brush cleaning technique
Nikwax and Beal Rope Cleaning kit
Beal rope
Before Cleaning
beal rope
After cleaning

Drying instructions for your ropes.

It is always a good idea to follow the manufacturers specific drying instructions, but here are some of the key points of drying a rope:

Hang up the rope in a well ventilated area.

It should NOT be hung in direct sunlight.

It needs to dry properly before being packed away.

See a video of this rope cleaning technique in action!

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