Secur’em Glove Clip


Keep your gloves handy.

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The Glove Clip is a dual end clip. The smaller clip can easily attach to the belt loop of your pants or even a piece of clothing, while the bigger clip attaches to your gloves. This ensures that your safety gloves are always by your side.

It incorporates a safety break-away system that ensures no tugging, and pulling down or ripping of clothing, or personnel into moving machinery. Once it has broken: IT HAS DONE IT’s JOB!!  No more unnecessary hand injuries due the fact that the safety gloves were not at hand. No more lost gloves, the gloves are always attached, and won’t drop out of your pocket. This is a true return on investment product.




The Glove Clip has more than just one use, it could be used as clip for maintenance personnel for hanging their cleaning rags. In the fast food and restaurant industry for waiters, keeping their towels close at hand. Even in the cleaning industry.

Other uses include: Hiking Clubs, Fire Fighters, Scuba Clubs and many more.

Current colours available: High Visibility Orange, Red, Green and Royal Blue.

Quality features of Gluv Buddi includes:

  • Lightweight: which  allows the unit to move freely out of the way in both standing and sitting positions. 
  • Engineered grade material allows it to hold its memory with  tight grip that resists flex fatigue in all types of weather. 
  • A secure  locking device designed to grip a wide variety of materials. 
  • Small end of the Gluv Buddi attaches to a belt loop or directly to clothing, including one piece overalls. 
  • Large end of Gluv Buddi attaches to a variety of glove sizes and other articles such as cloth sleeve protectors, hand towel, ear muffs and utility bags holding custom ear plugs and safety glasses.


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